Marble Run Construction Systems

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Build ‘n Roll (Plantoys) [br]

Plantoys has a ball run toy called “Build ‘n Roll” which has numerous track elements. [br] Quite common in larger toy (web)shops.

Clubknallers knikkerbaan

Plus Clubknallers knikkerbaan [br]

This track system was developed for a Dutch Supermarket concern during an offer in 2012. The marbles has prints with the logos from Dutch Soccer teams. [br] Very hard to get outside the Netherlands.

Q-ba-maze [br]

Q-ba-maze consists of colored cubes and some special track elements to create high and colorful structures. [br] Quite common in larger toy (web)shops in the USA.

Selecta Variola [br]

This colorful ball track system is suitable for young children and has several expansion sets. It uses larger wooden balls. [br] Quite hard to get outside Europe, try your luck on Amazon.

Techno Balls [br]

Techno Balls is comparable with spacerail, but uses larger marbles and some colored tracks. The newer sets are clones of spacerail. [br] Quite hard to get (older sets), Spacerail is a good alternative.

Chaos World of Motion [br]

This system is very advanced and has lots of special parts, you can make very large and tall structures when you combine multiple sets. [br] Available in their own webshop.

Cological Marble Run [br]

This marble run also contains Rube Goldberg elements, but it’s not very large and has very less expansion possibilities. [br] Sometimes found in gadget or geek webshops.

Blocks & Marbles [br]

Comparable with Haba or Cuboro, [br] Available in their webshop.

Plama 2D Marble Run [br]

Bernhard Bukard has developed this nice system which can be attached on your refrigerator or a steel wall, it uses magnets to hold the elements in place. [br] Quite hard to get outside Europe, try their order form.

Magnetix Icoaster [br]

This marble run has lots of stunts and has a mp3 player included. Sometimes be found in larger department stores or second hand markets.

Wall Coaster Marble Run [br]

This marble run can be sticked on walls, windows and other vertical surfaces. It uses sticky putty, but marbles flies off track easely. [br] Available in numerous toy webshops.

Rolloquick [br]

With this Swiss track system, you can create long and curvy tracks, but it’s pricey. [br] Available at their webshop, (now recovered from a fire) [br]

RollingBall [br]

Comparable with Spacerail and Mabro [br] Very hard to get.

A-Bach-o [br]

A-bach-o consists of wooden chutes which can be stacked on each other. [br] Available in their webshop.

Roetsjjj [br]

Derived from D.Y.Toy, it was a popular marble racing track in the late 90’s, it was sold at some Dutch toy shops and has special track elements like funnels, halfpipes, jumps and more. [br] Now near-impossible to get.

Wonderworld Trix Track [br] 

This wooden ball track has a large assortment of special track elements to create Rube Goldberg-like ball runs with lots of action! [br] Availible in numerous toy webshops.

Block ‘n Roll [br]

Comparable with Hubelino, but only for 5/8 inch marbles. [br] Sometimes found in larger (web) toy shops.

Rolliblock [br]

Comparable with most “Marbulous” and “Build the Fun” sets.. [br] Quite hard to get, availible by some Russian webshops.

Modular Marble Machine [br]

Matthias Wandel has developed and build a nice Modular Marble Machine system which has a prebuilt marble elevator and stackable blocks with chutes, slaloms, funnels and more. Not availible in (web) shops, but you can purchase drawings at, sometimes (if lucky) a used set can be found on Ebay.