Marble Run Construction Systems

There are lots of marble run construction systems available around the world, mostly of them are found in toy shops, department stores, hyper markets, but also in web-shops around internet.

I only call the most common systems, there are also many fakes in circulation. [br][br]

Last Update 19-11-2018  [br][br]

Image: Name Description Availability 

Ravensburger Gravitrax

This futuristic marble run from Ravensburger consists of hexagonal stones to create endless tracks. It also includes stunts like catapults, hammers, trampolines and more. Available at major online toy shops.


Boomtrix is a marble stunt system created by Goliath Games which consists of trampolines and other stunts. Available in major toy shops.


Papertrack marble run [br]

Papertrack is a superfast marble run made from paper, the possibilities are practical endless! This is an dutch version of the famous paper roller coaster. [br] Available in his own webshop

sina kugelbahn

Sina Kullerbahn [br]

This ball track has been developed for young children, the balls has been pushed forward by hand, but it’s also possible to use it on a sloped surface.[br] Difficult to get.

Erzi kullerbahn

Erzi sandbox Marble Run  [br]

This system is intended to use in a sandbox or on the beach, but can also used in snow. [br] Difficult to get outside Europe.

kaden kugelbahn

Kaden Kugelbahn (ball track) [br]

This system consists of wooden blocks with tracks to made large projects, there are different ball and track sizes. [br] Please visit his web site to check vendors.


Eitech Marble Run [br]

Eitech is a sort of meccano which has now a marble run system, the track itself is nearly the same as Quercetti Skyrail. [br] Available in most toy webshops.


Create2Move [br]

RPKnikker has developed a spacerail-like system to create your own tracks using black tubing and marble elevators. [br] (Not available anymore).

Marble Mania

Techno Gears Marble Mania [br]

This is one of the more advanced construction sets which contains numerous special track elements and lifters, some sets also contain glow-in-the-dark marbles and parts. [br] Available in numerous toy webshops, sometimes found in larger toy shops in USA.


Quadrilla [br]

Quadrilla is a wooden marble track system using colored blocks and spiral wooden tracks, some sets has music keys included to create songs. They have now some new space themed sets with glow-in-the-dark parts. [br] Available in numerous wooden toyshops and webshops.


Spacewarp / Spacerail [br]

Spacewarp or spacerail is a very common marble roller coaster set, it’s originating from Bandai, but later covered by an unknown Chinese brand, these Spacerail sets comes in 9 different levels and some sets contains glow-in-the-dark tracks and colored elevator parts. [br] Available in numerous toy and gadget shops, also in lots of larger webshops. The original Spacewarp sets are hard to get (try Ebay).


Slalombaan [br]

This German made marble run looks like a water slide from a water park, it’s consisting of red chutes and white or yellow connection tubes. This system was popular in the late 1980’s in west europe.[br] Near impossible to get (try the German Ebay with a bit of luck)

Space Odyssey

Space Odyssey [br]

Space Odyssey has large similarities with Spacerail, but is suitable for slightly larger balls (5/8 “, 16mm) [br] Sometimes found in some webshops.


Cuboro / Cugolino [br]

This famous systems consists wooden cubes with chutes and holes (5 X 5 X 5 cm, 2 X 2 X 2 inch) with a large assortment of different patterns to make complex marble runs. [br] Available in some specialized (web)shops.

Build the fun

Cascade / build the fun / marble race / Marbulous [br]

This is one of the most common marble run construction sets, it’s consisting of plastic chutes and tubes to be stacked on each other. [br] Hard to miss in most toy shops and larger department stores.

Quercetti Skyrail

Quercetti marble run / skyrail [br]

Quercetti has different types of marble runs available, the most known system is Skyrail where you can create very long tracks measuring hundreds of feet if more sets are combined. [br] Easy to get in larger toy webshops.

Haba Kugelbahn

Haba Ball Track [br]

This wooden track system is very advanced and has a large number of expansion sets, it has also some systems for larger balls suitable for young children. They also have glow-in-the-dark marbles (called Ghost Marbles)! [br] Availible in larger toy webshops as well as in wooden toy shops.

Galt Marble Racer

Galt Marble Racer [br]

Comparable with “Marbulous” or “Build the Fun” [br] Quite hard to get now, try your luck on Ebay.

Hubelino knikkerbaan

Hubelino [br]

This Ball Track is combinable with Duplo and has a large number of different sets and parts, it’s easy to build very large tracks when multiple sets are combined. You can also build themed ball runs using themed Duplo sets. It uses 1 inch balls, but smaller marbles also works good. [br] Available in larger and specialized toy webshops.

Viavario knikkerbaan

Viavario ballenbaan [br]

This light weight ball track is suitable for larger golf balls, it uses large blocks to be stacked on each other. [br] Near-impossible to get in USA.

Galaxy Maze

Galaxy Maze [br]

This system has some Rube Goldberg elements combined with marble run parts. [br] Quite hard to get.


BBlocks Marble Run  [br]

This wooden system from a dutch brand fits with the famous Kapla blocks and has long track elements. [br] Hard to get outside the Netherlands.

Kugelix [br]

NIC toys has developed this curvy and colorful Kugelix system, it consists of wooden blocks with routed tracks, some parts contain metallophone keys to make music. [br] Available in more advanced toy webshops.


Cubio [br]

Nic toys has also made this system for young children which uses larger balls and blocks. [br] Available in more advanced toy webshops.

Xyloba [br]

This wooden system makes music, it’s consisting of wooden towers with metallophone keys to create songs by arranging the keys and tracks in the right order.[br] Available in more advanced toy webshops.

Boyon Golo [br]

Boyon Golo was a Hubelino-like system which uses 1″ balls, it fits on Duplo and was a Hungarian brand. [br] Very hard to get, but Hubelino is a good alternative.

Eichhorn Marble Blox [br]

Is comparable with Haba. [br] Very hard to get, Haba is a good alternative.

Mabro [br]

Mabro has multiple systems, including a spacerail-like system to create large marble rollercoasters, a Cuboro-like system as well as a system which uses a flexible transparent tube. [br] Very hard to get outside Europe.

Fischertechnik Dynamic [br]

Fischertechnik has also developed a advanced marble run system which can be combined with other FT sets to make automated marble machines. [br] Quite common in larger (web)shops.