New project: Spacerail “Big Dipper” mission

Another spacerail project finished!

This one has 4 exciting paths and light effects! Please watch and enjoy! Read more…

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My Youtube channel hits 1500 subs!

Another milestone reached: Only three months after i reach 1000 subs, i already have 1500 subscribers on my youtube channel and over 3000 views per day. I found a cube with a mini marble run inside it called “Rush Hour”, the transparant cube (9 X 9 X 9 cm) is filled with several hundreds of tiny bearing balls (2 mm across). When you rotate the cube, the balls roll down the zig-zag shaped track which makes a rustling noise.

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My Youtube channel hits 1000 subs!!!

Today i reach 1000 subscribers on my youtube channel, just two days before my 30st birthday. To celebrate it, i will upload a special video on friday 7th june.

For those who cannot wait, i also uploaded a video from my archive.


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A variant of the famous loop-the-loop. You should call it “The Endless Loop” or loop-the-loop-the-loop-the-loop…..

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Marble Machine Funbox

Another Marble Machine finished!

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